We are a group of leaders of worship, both lay and ordained, in Methodist churches in and around Romsey in the Test Valley. Our aim is to help our communities to have an encounter with God, and to live faithfully in his world, inspired always by the person of Jesus. As we enjoy God’s overwhelming generosity, we strive to express his love, justice and righteousness where we live and also in the wider world. We are saddened that many people feel unloved, that injustice is evident across our shared planet, and that right is not done to people and to our world

Here, we share our thoughts with readers. Some of these contributions are summaries of services we have already given, others are comments on topics and events that spark us, and finally there are embryonic outlines, where the author invites you to help shape upcoming services. We welcome comments and will publish them (moderated if necessary) with the author’s responses.